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Court Reporting

With over a decade of experience working with the best litigation firms in the Bay Area, Bridget Mattos and Associates understands the demands of litigation. Our NCRA certified court reporters provide reliable, accurate and professional services, so that you can focus on winning your case. Our reporters are ready to work with you in producing results; providing deposition or trial coverage any time, anywhere.

Videographer Services

Our firm blends experience with the latest technology, providing our clients with the most advanced and comprehensive videography services possible. Utilizing the latest in digital videography technology, our firm provides a variety of services; including filming with multiple cameras, synchronization of transcript and video, remote video streaming. We can provide video in an assortment of formats. Our firm can assist you in utilizing the most powerful trial prep tools to link transcripts to video.

Our Product & Delivery

Our clients know our services don’t end with the conclusion of the deposition, Bridget Mattos and Associates is a full service reporting firm, and that means we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll work with you to meet deadlines, cover scheduling changes, and deal with the pressure of trial preparation. Whether you need a rush transcript delivery, or lost a copy of your exhibits, you can rely on us to get you what you need, when you need it. Our transcripts come in PDF and E-transcript format, with hyperlinks to exhibits. All exhibits are scanned and provided on CD.


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  • What Our Clients Say

    After 17 years of litigation and thousands of depositions, I have finally found a court reporter who makes taking depositions a pleasure. She is professional, punctual, and precise in her reporting. I wouldn’t dream of using anybody else.

    Lawrence A. Organ

    The first court reporter I call is always Bridget Mattos. Ms. Mattos is a consummate professional who is easy to work with, reasonably priced and has a wealth of experience. Most importantly, her reporting is incredibly accurate and her turn-around time for transcripts is impressive. I highly recommend Ms. Mattos and her team of highly […]

    Shaana A. Rahman
    Rahman Law, P.C.

    I’ve used Bridget’s services for many years. She is reliable, accurate and great to work with.

    Stephen D. Finestone

    My office relies exclusively on Bridget Mattos for all of our court reporting and videotaping needs. I take hundreds of depositions every year and people know that I am not all that easy to work with as my depositions move fast, some would state furious, and are often laden with scientific and medical terms. Bridget […]

    Chris Dolan
    The Dolan law Firm

    I have used Bridget Mattos & Associates for my court reporting needs. They are one of the best court reporting services in the Bay Area. They provide excellent service, including availability for last minute deposition scheduling, rush transcripts, and arranging out-of-town depositions. Bridget Mattos & Associates’ court reporters are dependable, courteous, proficient, professional, and provide […]

    Jeremy Pasternak
    Consumer Attorney of the Year Finalist Law Offices of Jeremy Pasternak, P.C.